Time for Yourself

The Creatures on the Island understand there can always seem like a hundred reasons why we feel like we haven’t got time, to give our self time, which is just for our self.

Some of them are valid.  Some of them aren’t.  They reckon it is probably worth considering that in order to function healthily as a human being, we do need some Time For Ourselves.

This might be a walk by ourselves, a bath, time to write, or draw, do a relaxation exercise, or whatever suits us best.  They also say that this time is best quality if it feels like a spacious time, not a rushed or urgent or compacted time.

That there is space to feel like we are in our own company and able to give some awareness to ourselves, maybe even to connect with a place of peacefulness outside or inside, if that feels possible.

The Monsters, Compañeros and Criatura say,

Please try to give yourself some Time For Yourself.