Things To Do


ThingsToDo btnThe Monsters, Compañeros and Criatura are big believers in experience.  They reckon that if there are things in the world that we like, that are fun, that we feel drawn to, inspired by, that feel helpful or important, we can connect with them even more by giving ourselves experiences.

We can do things, be active, make choices, and relate more directly or deeply to the things that make us feel good.  When we feel cheered or nourished, helped to grow or learn, to get over a hurdle or through a change, to restore or repair ourselves – it can help us feel more alive, more real, more ourselves, more comfortable in our own skin.

Tools btnThe Island Creatures and Beings trust that if we relate to things in this way, the experience becomes part of us, naturally ingrained in us – in our memories, our mind’s eye, our hearts, our bodies, our bones.

We might choose to have solitary experiences, or do and share them with others.  Whatever feels right is what the Creatures advise.

The Monsters, Compañeros and Criatura suggest that we can begin by building up our own Toolbox.  We can draw on what they have told and taught us, use any useful ideas we have come across in our life, and bring our own ideas too.

songsThey say to use our imagination.  They say, write, draw, listen to music, sing, dance, do things.  Walk in interesting and beautiful places – in towns, cities, parks, countryside.  Look at the sky, and the ground.  Collect things we like to see and hear and read and hold – like quotes, sweety wrappers, pebbles from the beach, or our favourite lyrics and songs.

Exhibs btnThey are also aware that it can be a different experience to see pictures, sculptures or things in an exhibition – ‘in the flesh’, rather than only in books, printed or on the internet.  Often the artwork is much bigger, the colours might be different, or more vibrant, and we can have a different relationship with them when they are up on the wall.

Workshops btnWe can imagine the artist or craftsman in front of that very picture or object, making the marks and movements that created it.  We can connect to different ideas, and feelings, or a different time in history.

The Island Creatures and Beings encourage us to go and see our favourite things in the flesh, make an experience out of it.  They also encourage us to treat ourselves every now and again, by going to workshops in things that interest and inspire us, as another way of experiencing, learning, growing, sharing, having fun.the inventor

The Island Inventor is in the process of setting up and arranging Island of Imagination Exhibitions, which display a selection of work from The Island.  And Island of Imagination Workshops which combine the themes and activities from the Island.

contactIf you are interested in going to or hosting an exhibition or workshop, click the buttons or Contact the Island.