The Monsters

The Monsters IconI have met many different Monsters, who let me draw their portraits, there were particular kinds of Monstera Natura, and also Monsters of Passionate Pursuits.


The Monsters have always lived in a society where everyone is different – different in appearance and personality, with different tails and wings and claws and spikes, different ways of thinking and doing, different ways of being.

Mon Natura btnSo to them difference is entirely normal, not something to be feared or judged. Everyone’s different attributes and experiences are accepted, used and celebrated.

col7They are creatures most at home in nature, with great appreciation for our planet, its mysteries and wonders.

They have natural curiosity, big knowledge, deep understanding of our world – peoples, places, plants and animals, history, culture, language and learning.

Not only do they want to help, they thrive on it, with open hearts and boundless energy, recognising the will to survive and the desire for happiness in all of us, understanding the frustrations in our striving.

MonPassPurs - btnThey don’t care about where we come from, the mistakes we’ve made, they don’t judge us on our appearance or background, the Monsters care about us as individuals.

They understand the roots of our behaviour, they know our problems, they’ve had them too.  Misunderstandings, disagreements, accidents, can happen easily, can make us anxious or angry.

col3They aren’t scared of our emotions, they expect our difficult feelings – hurt, confusion, discomfort and disturbance, the pain of loss. They know how it feels to have a life made of beginnings, endings and changes.

There are many different Monsters, with many ways to help, some are gentle, others are firm, all are skilful in both practical and social ways, honest to the core, and overflowing with kindness.

MonsIMet-btnThey never expect to agree, but work well together, they know they all need to be different so that all the jobs get done.

They can help us meditate or pray, if that would be of use, they have things to teach and show us, and stories to tell.

dream monsterThe Monsters love the world and all the life within it, it is this that gives them the energy for their work.

They help us to see that the experiences we’ve had and who we are now, is not only valuable and useful, but makes us special.

They are the caretakers of this Island, they are unafraid, they see greatness in every one of us and want to help us grow.

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