Thankyous to Artists

Thanks to Vincent, not only for his paintings, his paint, but also the spirit in which he painted, his story and his letter writing. Vincent Van Gogh.

Thanks to Rachel Whiteread for making House.  For making me think in a different way, about space, about the space contained inside homes and what it holds, about the idea of making what is so important in our lives but can’t be seen and held (conversations, feelings, love, arguments, happenings, events) into concrete.  Thanks for persevering with something so ambitious, and believing in it.

Thanks to Jenny Holzer for her Truisms.  For my ink stamp that says “Much was decided before you were born.”  For the avid collecting of words, and bringing a new light of meaning to the barrage of text we are surrounded by.  Of drawing attention to what’s important and meaningful amongst this sea of text, and reminding me that it is all still there, just in different forms.