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The Butterdragon_480x674

The Butterdragon says our wings are our potential, they are everything that we can be.  We have them from the day we are born, but sometimes we can’t see them or feel that they are part of us.  But they are… and we can use them to fly. When I realised I had them I […]


Booky Monster


Found in the library or curled up outdoors, buried in a book. A thirst for words that surpasses all else.  Looking for knowledge, but also for poetry and tales of different lands and lives, the chance to share in others’ dreams, ideas, minds and experiences. The smell of fresh pages of a brand new book, […]


Quilting Monster

Patchwork squares_480x695

The Quilting Monster sees the putting together the pieces of life as being like the sewing of a quilt. People, places, stories, pictures and objects become patches of material.  Feelings and emotions are like loose threads that weave through each experience joining one to another.  Where the cloth is worn and faded like a memory, it can be repaired […]


Tree Monster

Wendell tree_480x354

For the Tree Monster, trees are like family.  He is fascinated by each deep root and textured trunk, branch and leaf, each blossom and acorn. Whether it be a towering and impressive oak, the draping branches of the weeping willows or glistening silver bark of the birch, he appreciates each and every one. The trees are fed […]


Thistle Monster


A Flower Monster of the Monster Natura, pinky-purple, soft in body, prickled and spinous on skinny long neck, arms and legs, with long feet, big ears and dexterous fingers. Why not have a wee chat with the monster.  What do they have to tell you?        


Lotus Monster


Light-blue winged monster with round head, snaggle-toothed fangs, alert ears, a large low belly,  and long feet with curved spikes on the end.  Posing with small arms folded behind back alongside an opening lotus.  A Flower Monster of the Monstera Natura. What draws you to this monster?  Do they have a message for you?    


Meditation Monster


Golden-yellow-orange monster with large unfolded feathered wings, big upright ears, large nostrils, evident belly-button, long neck, long skinny arms and legs, posing cross-legged with hand on heart. A gentle soul who radiates kindness and calm, helps us to still our mind, touch peace inside ourselves, and see more clearly, if only a glimpse at a time. […]


Dream Monster

dream monster

Bright pink, speckled, snaggle-toothed monster with a long snout, large nostrils, big legs and a tail, pictured asleep. He is dragonlike to the eye, friendly to the ear, and delights in our abilities to travel in our minds while asleep. He is able to carefully disentangle the pictures and stories of our dreamworld to tell […]


The 50th Monster I Met


Stocky monster with a pointed snout, hunched and barbed shoulders, large flat feet and a long chunky spiked tail. What does this monster have to tell you?