Seasons of Stardust


Stars become snowflakes,

tumble from the sky,

melt into cool water.


Snowflakes become stars,

ice turns to fire,

sparks spread across a violet night.


Stars become blossoms,

soothing soft petals,

swept in the breeze.


Blossoms become stars,

weave through tree roots

towards the opening of a new world.


Stars become circles,

dandelion clocks float

in bright sunlit rays.


Circles become stars,

twinkling blue and orange,

born in clouds of gas and dust.


Stars become leaves,

lime green, gold, red,

burned in the flames.


Leaves become stars,

ash returns to earth,

smoke spirals up into the air.


Stars become us,

skin, bones and hearts,

blood running through veins.


We become stars,

give ourselves up

to join back to the universe.