Quilting Monster

Patchwork squares_480x695

The Quilting Monster sees the putting together the pieces of life as being like the sewing of a quilt. People, places, stories, pictures and objects become patches of material.  Feelings and emotions are like loose threads that weave through each experience joining one to another.  Where the cloth is worn and faded like a memory, it can be repaired by reflecting or talking.  Missing pieces can be replaced by new experiences.

It seems right to sew everything into the quilt.  Mistakes and accidents are as important as achievements or knowledge in the learning of how my life all fits together.  Connecting the isolated pieces together helps to mend what is broken. When I see how one part links to another and why, it is possible to find a light of understanding that can send shivers down your spine.

Amongst the beautiful patterns and interesting details that have been created, you can find your self.  Seeing the pieces become something bigger and something whole,  you may be able to see your own strength and, in turn, look forward to adding more to your quilt.

Allow the Quilting Monster to help you sew your patchwork quilt.