Pencils, Pens and Paper

A lot of the Monsters, Compañeros and Criatura are big fans of freely doodling and scribbling.  So they reckon one of the simplest things we can do is get ourselves some pens and paper – maybe a notebook, sketchbook, scrapbook, journal, or just some loose paper.

And then they say, allow yourself to doodle, scribble, note down, write, draw, anything you want.  Lists of things to do, things that are on your mind, thoughts, feelings, things that are buzzing or circling about inside your head.

They suggest that if it is at all possible, have these scribblings just for you, and write them as that.  You don’t ever need to show them to anyone unless you want to.  If you live with other people, ask that they respect this as part of your privacy.

The Creatures say to spend a little time or a lot of time doing it, or a medium time – whatever you want.  Let what is inside flow out.