Look at the Sky

The Monsters, Compañeros and Criatura, even the ones that live underground, enjoy looking at a sunset, sunrise, starry night, a completely clear sky, patterns of clouds, light clouds, dark clouds, moonlight, planets to be seen, the earth’s atmosphere, the space out there, a flock of birds, an aeroplane, a peachy or lilacy or bright blue or twilighty sky, the moon during daylight, the man in the moon, the rabbit in the moon, the waxing and waning, the constellations, shooting stars, a rainbow.

They reckon that sometimes a bit of a look at the sky can do wonders, can remind us that we live on a planet, can remind us of the bigness and smallness of things, can get a bit of sunshine on our faces, can give us a smile or a piece of inspiration.

And so they say, don’t forget to look at the sky.

And don’t forget to look at the ground too.