Light a Candle

In the Monsters Community, there are a lot of candles used.  The tone of candlelight, the smell of matches, melting wax, the experience of sparking fire, the colours and patterns, movements and flickerings of the flame, the act of lighting, especially if we place a significance onto it, can make lighting a candle relaxing, evocative, emotive, meaningful, enjoyable.

It was especially when I stayed in my cottage in The Community, and used some of the buildings around there, and then while being looked after by Grace in her house beside the loch, that I got used to candlelight and the act of lighting.

Lighting candles also means we need to be a bit sensible.  If we bring awareness to the process – ensuring we do it safely, that it is on a stable, holder or surface that isn’t flammable, not easily knocked over, not left unattended – then we can light candles in our homes as much as we like.

Lighting a candle might be able to bring a certain atmosphere or focus into parts of our life, or just give us a nice quality of light to be bathed in.