Journey Poem

Compass2 - Sep13_480x679


I asked to find the missing piece of me,

I discovered I was all there.

I insisted this was something I could only do alone,

I met many companions along the way.

I was drawn to go deeper and deeper into the earth,

it was there that I struck the spark of my beginning.


I wanted to be free from all my demons,

I was honoured to meet them for myself.

I ached to speak with him again,

I was granted liberation from this desire.

I requested permission to cry never-ending tears,

I cried new tears which started and stopped.


I needed desperately to be understood,

I was offered an understanding of myself.

I hated the ruin in my body,

I found there was no ruin, that I was always whole.

I searched for what was needed to fix me,

I was given the thread to return home.


I thought I could not survive here in the outside world,

I realised that

the truth fits anywhere.


So now I ask…

What are your bones made of?

What is it that is hurting you?

What is inside this stone you give me?