It is time

Wolf Jaws_480x679

It is time to be born from the wolf’s jaws

climb over sharp teeth and walk on the earth.


It is time to throw into the ocean

the last of the arrow pulled from my chest.


It is time to find that tiny dot inside

allow it to spread and germinate.


It is time to stop weaving worry nets

stop hiding, stop trying and stop hurting myself.


It is time to make a home

to tend a fire with wood and coal.

Volcano white light_480x679

It is time for the volcano to erupt white light

beneath a crescent moon and countless stars.


It is time to listen fully to my heart’s truths

risk voicing what I want to say.


It is time to turn to ashes

to trust in dust and sparks and in myself.


It is time for passion to arise and work to be done

to grow into a woman and become whole.


It is time to change tack, breathe and not to think

let black edges melt away.


It is time to let go of dreaminess

get rooted and be real.


It is time to draw my sword and cut ties,

to no longer feel sorry for myself, the world and its creatures.


It is time to begin again

it is always time to begin again.