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More Info btn-480The Island of Imagination is made up of lots of different things – all different kinds of art and literature, therapeutic and transformative processes and practices.  People as artists of all kinds, teachers, writers, practitioners and those who inspire. And experiences upon experiences, mistakes and learnings, paths taken and efforts made.

Say thanks these foundations, acknowledge web of connections that interweave to support and inform the ideas, values and practices of the Island.


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The Island has has developed and grown over many years.

It has been built on foundations of arts and creativity, processes of transformation and healing, and the continuous practice of exploring, adjusting and renewing relationships with the inner and outer worlds.

Books, references, summaries of aims and ideas are listed in the foundations.


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I am incredibly grateful to many different people whose teaching, support, inspiration and help have been an instrinsic part of the work, thank you.

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