My Heart Poem: Part One

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My Heart Poem Part One


My heart is going to break out of my chest

aching pushing straining,

going to come alive and burst into the world,

it is sore from being locked in.


“My heart, I feel you

sitting in that dark cavity, longing for fresh air

uneasy at distant words that come from my mouth,

wanting to tell your sensations, not rational or fancy,

to speak direct, no more second-guessing.


Expectantly, waiting to be heard,

patiently, waiting to be seen

waiting for me to be ready, to trust you are strong enough,

waiting for me to be sure at last.


Never ceasing beating, no complaining

I am ashamed I have found it so difficult to believe.

I remove barbs that have been caught up in you

and build you a nest from pine twigs and golden thread.


I find words that make you throb and shiver

you are magnetised, on fire

you want to leap from my body

you ask not to be in pain any more.”


“Move through fear and tears will fade

don’t wait for me to squeeze against your ribs and rupture

but lift me out carefully and hold me in your hands

look at me, listen.


Speak only my truth for that is your truth

or be silent,

there is no need for anything but that

nothing will ever mean more.”


Blood pulses through blue veins

red threads connect us,

my heart is alive and whole and belongs to me

I make my offering with open eyes

I am awake.