The Explorations of Océane

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Hello and Welcome to the Island of Imagination.

My name is Océane Flockhart, I’m a wayfarer like you.  This is a collection of all my drawings and writings, I will keep adding to it.

I’ve been visiting the Island for some years now, been looked after by all those who reside there, by the landscape itself, the sky above it and the earth below.key

I’ve gone exploring many times, along ancient tracks and on new ground, taken different routes, and been to places where there were no paths.

transformationsI sketched and wrote about what has happened for me on the Island – as well as in my own body, heart and mind – things I’ve seen and felt.  Especially when changes took place or things seemed clearer.

I’ve been inspired by the places I’ve been, the creatures, animals and beings I’ve met, and the things I’ve discovered.  I’ve tried to map some of the terrain and many of the creatures were happy for me to draw their portraits.

I followed the thread of what felt right for me.  Sometimes I doubted myself, other times I felt sure about the way to go.journeys

I came across the unexpected – passageways and openings I didn’t know about, feelings that took me by surprise.  I realised there are many ways to do things, and sometimes you just have to go a different way around.

I’ve tried very hard to stay open to whatever happens, so that I might discover something new about myself or the world.  It has felt very important to be truthful with myself, to allow all sorts of feelings and thoughts to arise and try to let them flow unblocked.

Body btnI’m very grateful for these experiences, for how they’ve helped me to understand many things about my life, and to all those who have helped me along the way.

I’d like to encourage you to go exploring too, and as you walk your paths, remember to take care of yourself as best you can.  Listen to others when you need to, but always go at your own pace and find your own way.

Follow the thread of aliveness within yourself.

With Love, Luck and Best Wishes