Compañeros and Criatura

compañeros criatura

Along with the Monsters, the Compañeros and Criatura are beings and creatures who have different ways to help us, to change what we want to change, or unlock and open doors within ourselves.

They can teach us how to listen to our hearts, speak our truths, and tend our wounds, help us to trust in and take care of ourselves, strengthen and make ourselves whole.

They encourage us to find our own way.




These Animals, Myth Creatures and Other Beings are at ease in a world that is both light and dark, in tune with the rhythms and reality of nature.

We can seek them out, or may cross their paths by chance.  It could be that they have been looking for us and have something to say.

Myth Creatures 480

We can learn by watching how they move and express themselves, their ways of being in, relating to and understanding the world.  We can simply soak up their presence, or ask questions, listen to their stories and points of view.

Other Beings480

They might inspire us to reconnect with nature, use our imagination, make things, write or draw, enjoy music, dance or sing.  They can keep us company, talk with us about worries we have, feelings that come up, or thoughts we are afraid to share.  They may simply be with us in silence when no words are needed.

They mix instinct, thought and feeling, have vital energy flowing in their veins, and wisdom ingrained in their bones.