Many of the Monsters, Compañeros and Criatura suggest that we build up our own personal Toolbox of things that help us take care of ourselves and our relationships with the world and its people.

Things that replenish us, restore us, recharge our batteries, help us digest and process our life. Help us understand and express ourselves. Help bring the light of awareness into our life.
Things that are fun, relaxing, pleasant. And useful.

Our Box might contain materials or tools or medicines or whatever is useful. It is ours, it belongs to us, we own it, we are responsible for it.

Here are some ideas they have given for our Box.

Look at the Sky

The Monsters, Compañeros and Criatura, even the ones that live underground, enjoy looking at a sunset, sunrise, starry night, a completely clear sky, patterns of clouds, light clouds, dark clouds, moonlight, planets to be seen, the earth’s atmosphere, the space out there, a flock of birds, an aeroplane, a peachy or lilacy or bright blue or twilighty sky, […]

Bring Meaning In

The creatures and beings from the Island know it can be easy to get caught up in the everyday-ness of our lives, repeated patterns, practicalities, chores, to do lists, work to be done, stuff. They say, don’t be afraid to bring meaning in.  To acknowledge when something is meaningful or important to us.  And why that might […]

Light a Candle

In the Monsters Community, there are a lot of candles used.  The tone of candlelight, the smell of matches, melting wax, the experience of sparking fire, the colours and patterns, movements and flickerings of the flame, the act of lighting, especially if we place a significance onto it, can make lighting a candle relaxing, evocative, emotive, meaningful, […]


The Monsters, Compañeros and Criatura of the Island say, Breathe. Every minute we breathe in and out about 15 times.. x 60 minutes.. x 24 hours = about 21, 600 breaths each day.  How many do we notice? Sometimes we can almost forget that we are breathing.  Often until we are out of breath or something […]

Be In Your Body

On the Island we are encouraged to find a way that suits us, to help us bring awareness to the body we each inhabit.  This body that enables us to be in the world.  Movement, sport or exercise might be the way to do this.  If we do that, then it is helpful not just to move our body about, but also to […]

Time for Yourself

The Creatures on the Island understand there can always seem like a hundred reasons why we feel like we haven’t got time, to give our self time, which is just for our self. Some of them are valid.  Some of them aren’t.  They reckon it is probably worth considering that in order to function healthily as a human being, we […]

Pencils, Pens and Paper

A lot of the Monsters, Compañeros and Criatura are big fans of freely doodling and scribbling.  So they reckon one of the simplest things we can do is get ourselves some pens and paper – maybe a notebook, sketchbook, scrapbook, journal, or just some loose paper. And then they say, allow yourself to doodle, scribble, note down, write, draw, anything […]