It feels like so much has been woven into the work of the Island, that it is hard to know where one person or place or book ends and the next one begins.
I think it could also read as a list of “here are a few of my favourite things” :)

In some ways it feels like one big experience rather than anything I have actually created.
It is definitely a case of turtles on top of turtles.
And so I am incredibly thankful for all the threads.


Thankyous to Artists

Thanks to Vincent, not only for his paintings, his paint, but also the spirit in which he painted, his story and his letter writing. Vincent Van Gogh. Thanks to Rachel Whiteread for making House.  For making me think in a different way, about space, about the space contained inside homes and what it holds, about […]

Thanks to Friends, Family and Island Supporters

I would like to thank all my fantastic friends and family for all their love and support, who I am so lucky to have. In particular my mum, Leo, Tracey, Garry, Louisette, Kirsty, Ali & Evi; Richard, Helen, Hannah & Rowan; my dad; Ronnie, Audrey & Christopher; & my wider family; The Young Folk – […]