The Island has been built on many Foundations, that grew up and arose through the Inner Island World or were provided by or found in The Outside World. Or things that can not be clearly categorised as one or the other.

Experiences, knowledge, information, teachings, reading, listenings, watchings, ideas. People and places and various creations are part of these foundations.

Here are some bits and pieces to give a flavour of the roots and branches, bricks and cornerstones, tributaries and reservoirs that helped to form The Island.

Therapeutic Nutshells

In the exploration of the Island, the paths walked, the wisdom that is passed on, the learning that takes place, the happenings that happen, the changes that occur, the feelings that rise and pass, I have come to think of various aspects of my experiences and how they relate to healing and health and the […]

Island Dictionary

A lot of the Island has been mapped here in words.  The Monsters, are keen on looking at words, and find it very interesting.   The roots and developments of words and language can echo the roots and developments of humans, our history and geography, our threads of connection, and our way of understanding the world.  Looking at the […]

The Value of Therapeutic Activity

As neuroscience begins to affirm the plasticity of the physical brain, that we are able to repair, shape and grow it through our actions and behaviours, we can see how therapeutic activity can help this process.  So what are the values in effective therapeutic activity?    THE PROVISION OF AN OPPORTUNITY AND SPACE TO: Express […]

the inventor

The Inventor’s Background

In The Outside World, as the Island Inventor, I studied Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art, using all sorts of mediums to work through my ideas.  I always loved drawing and have been inspired by many artists, see Thankyous to Artists.  At Art School, I got interested in areas of science, particularly astronomy, and how they were able to weave together or […]