Universe-y Elements

Fire, Water, Air, Earth, the stuff of Chemistry, Biology, Physics, what Planet Earth is made of, what the Moon and Stars and Sun are made of, what the World is made of, what the Galaxy is made of, what the Universe is made of. What part do they play in our lives?

Look at the Sky

The Monsters, Compañeros and Criatura, even the ones that live underground, enjoy looking at a sunset, sunrise, starry night, a completely clear sky, patterns of clouds, light clouds, dark clouds, moonlight, planets to be seen, the earth’s atmosphere, the space out there, a flock of birds, an aeroplane, a peachy or lilacy or bright blue or twilighty sky, […]

Seasons of Stardust

  Stars become snowflakes, tumble from the sky, melt into cool water.   Snowflakes become stars, ice turns to fire, sparks spread across a violet night.   Stars become blossoms, soothing soft petals, swept in the breeze.   Blossoms become stars, weave through tree roots towards the opening of a new world.   Stars become […]


Profound and Everyday

The Profound and The Everyday are the exact same thing.