Shifts, changes, cycles, spirals, repairs, restoration, replenishing, transformations of energy, memories, wounds, feelings, emotions, thoughts, ways of being, habits, patterns, beginnings, endings, middles, alchemical processes, all sorts of processes.

Seasons of Stardust

  Stars become snowflakes, tumble from the sky, melt into cool water.   Snowflakes become stars, ice turns to fire, sparks spread across a violet night.   Stars become blossoms, soothing soft petals, swept in the breeze.   Blossoms become stars, weave through tree roots towards the opening of a new world.   Stars become […]

Wolf Jaws_480x679

It is time

It is time to be born from the wolf’s jaws climb over sharp teeth and walk on the earth.   It is time to throw into the ocean the last of the arrow pulled from my chest.   It is time to find that tiny dot inside allow it to spread and germinate.   It […]