Navigation of channels and openings, waterways and paths over and into the earth, new ground and ancient tracks.

Travelling over hills, mountains, rocks, through meadows, forests, roots and branches.
Finding routes, passageways, portals, coming upon the unexpected.
Getting lost and frustrated.

Being open to what might happen or be discovered.
Noticing feelings, thoughts, sensations.

Guided by sun, moon, constellations, a breeze, instinct, companions, acquaintances.
Using a compass or guide, following a thread, going a different way around.
Negotiating different kinds of territory.

Finding and respecting boundary lines.
Clearing blocks, going over and under barriers.

Mapping the terrain in images, words, or even movements –
the landscape of The Island, Outside World, the Body, Mind and Heart.

Wolf Jaws_480x679

It is time

It is time to be born from the wolf’s jaws climb over sharp teeth and walk on the earth.   It is time to throw into the ocean the last of the arrow pulled from my chest.   It is time to find that tiny dot inside allow it to spread and germinate.   It […]

Heart Sailboat_480x499

Heart Sailboat

“Push the boat out, compañeros, push the boat out, whatever the sea.” Edwin Morgan

Compass2 - Sep13_480x679

Journey Poem

  I asked to find the missing piece of me, I discovered I was all there. I insisted this was something I could only do alone, I met many companions along the way. I was drawn to go deeper and deeper into the earth, it was there that I struck the spark of my beginning. […]