Explorations, investigations, expressions of the body we inhabit, its processes and sensations, its organs, its complexity, its beauty, its ability to take care of us, our need to take care of it, remember it, consider it, appreciate it, respect it, listen to it.

What does it say? What has it seen? What is ingrained in it? What has it experienced? Where did it come from? What does it need? How has it been wounded? How does it work? How does it live? How does it regenerate, repair, transform, heal itself, how can we help?

We experience the world through our body.
Words, pictures, movement, sounds – can express this experience.

The Creatures of the Island say,
Let your body speak, flow, be listened to, grow, move, change, become, express itself.


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The Monsters, Compañeros and Criatura of the Island say, Breathe. Every minute we breathe in and out about 15 times.. x 60 minutes.. x 24 hours = about 21, 600 breaths each day.  How many do we notice? Sometimes we can almost forget that we are breathing.  Often until we are out of breath or something […]

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My Heart Poem: Part One

My Heart Poem Part One   My heart is going to break out of my chest aching pushing straining, going to come alive and burst into the world, it is sore from being locked in.   “My heart, I feel you sitting in that dark cavity, longing for fresh air uneasy at distant words that […]