Other Beings

Immersed in the work of transformation, they go about it with skill and awareness, working with materials of both light and darkness – what is to be uncovered, released, cleansed or integrated.
They have a deep understanding of processes of growth and reparation, helping us to mend and become strong.

Seeing us as whole and individual, they use different kinds of medicine and healing skills, are sensitive to wounds that need to be tended, both inside and outside.
They realise that the journeys taken are sometimes long and complicated, and so help us to travel in different ways, negotiate the terrain, they may act as our guides on the paths and routes we take.

At times their treatment may be rigorous, but they also use kindness, joy and grace. Even in confusion or chaos, they remain sure, clear-sighted and fearless, encouraging us to carefully untangle and unfurl.
Their beliefs are grained in them through ancestral lines of blood and bones, earth and stars. They enjoy their work, and go about it with a calm and quiet dignity.

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The Welcoming of Joy   Soften to the turning motion of the world.   Draw gladness down, to mingle with your darkness.   Let happiness run deep, no longer blocked by fear of losing.   Let joy travel from the surface, trickle down your roots back into the past.   Allow excitement to sink into […]