Bring Meaning In

The creatures and beings from the Island know it can be easy to get caught up in the everyday-ness of our lives, repeated patterns, practicalities, chores, to do lists, work to be done, stuff.

They say, don’t be afraid to bring meaning in.  To acknowledge when something is meaningful or important to us.  And why that might be, or just plain and clearly is the case.

Sometimes the things that are meaningful can be upsetting, so while we take care of ourselves and acknowledge those feelings, it is still ok to let meaning come in.  Meaning can bring enjoyment too, and can ground and ingrain our experiences in life.

The creatures remind us that we can use meaning to acknowledge signficance.  To respect, appreciate or honour what or who is or has been important to us, helped us, helped us grow, helped us through a hard time, or a good time.

Dates and places and times and images and colours and objects and people and animals and songs and books and quotes and all sorts of things can hold meaning.

It can be useful to acknowledge it when we sort of know it is there.  And the process can also help us to let go and move through those associations, in certain situations, when the time is right, depending on what we need.

And so the Monsters, Compañeros and Criatura say, allow yourself to bring meaning in, let it flow, in and out and over and under and around and through.

And also, notice how it feels, and that will help you to know how to keep enabling meaning to arise and weave through your life.