The Inventor’s Background

the inventor

In The Outside World, as the Island Inventor, I studied Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art, using all sorts of mediums to work through my ideas.  I always loved drawing and have been inspired by many artists, see Thankyous to Artists.  At Art School, I got interested in areas of science, particularly astronomy, and how they were able to weave together or collide with religious or spiritual ideas, and how that is currently expressed in our efforts to understand and survive in our world.

I have worked in lots of different jobs, including a waitress, a castle tour guide, a cleaner and an ice cream seller.  I trained to be a telephone counsellor at Childline and studied further in the field of counselling.  I qualified as an Art Therapist and Allied Health Professional.  Through that study, I was especially interested in ideas of alchemy, relationships, loss and the unknown, storytelling and archetypes, and found the opening to unconscious processes a fascinating and challenging experience.

I think I am just very curious about the world, particularly in therapeutic ideas, processes of expression, transformation and healing.  And how they relate to the feeling of aliveness.  I have my own creative practice that integrates art-making, expressive writing and poetry, meditation, bodywork and personalised rituals.  It is an active and dynamic practice which helps keep life alive for me, and I use it to help bring awareness and understanding into my life and work through my own experiences.

I have worked in the areas of Counselling, Social Care and Support Work, Asylum-Seeking, Homelessness, Addiction and Recovery, Child Psychiatry, Palliative Care, Health and Wellbeing, in different environments such as hospitals, residential units, and schools.

I have worked to support both young people and adults, with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, strengths and challenges.  Many have experienced different types of emotional problems, illnesses, abuses or traumas in their lives.

It feels like a privilege for people to have allowed me into their lives in this way, for sharing parts of themselves with me, so that I can learn and grow.  I have also had many supportive mentors, teachers, tutors, trainers, colleagues, advisors and friends of all kinds along the way.  It feels that, as well as what I have learned and done, that it is all these people together that are woven through the work of The Island.   And so, I am extremely grateful to all of them for that.

See Thankyous.

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